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Hawaiian Lay

Hawaiian Lay
By: Don_One (

Steve bent Lucy face-down over the kitchen counter, and stooped behind her so that her displayed derriere was at eye-level. He ran both hands up her skirt, forcefully with palms flat, and placed them squarely on her buttocks. Through her cotton panties, he began to massage her perfectly-formed ass in alternating fashion: first up-and-down, then side-to-side, then in a circular pattern.

Steve tugged the back of her skirt up to give his head enough clearance to duck underneath. There was just something about the warm, musky, just-had-a-pee smell that emanated from between the legs of a woman that got to him. Especially in the case of petite Asian women. The walls of the skirt acted as a canopy to contain the aroma and reflect it back to the center of its confining space. All of the essence she had built up the whole day, coupled with her heightening sexual excitement, was there, like a tangible presence, underneath that skirt . Steve slid one hand up her thigh and under the material of her cotton panty on one side of her leg. He continued to rub, knead, pinch, smack, and generally manhandle Lucy's ass as he saw fit with his left hand. With the other hand, he reached between her legs, lightly fingering and caressing the hood of her clit with the slightest of touches, first through her cotton panties. Then, adeptly moving the cotton material to the right and holding it aside with the last three fingers of his right hand, he exposed her hooded clitoris. He ran the index finger gently in little circles on her pussy lips close to her clit, eventually switching to his tongue to continue the pattern. First gently, then more urgently. This was one heavenly pussy he did not intend to let get away.

She couldn't believe where his face was. Her ex-husband, Mr. Conservative, had never gone down on her, ever. Sure she had masturbated before and she knew how good it felt (mmmmmm, how it felt good). But knowing a man was using his tongue to pleasure her, served to increase the feeling's intensity. And he wasn't just licking her sweet spot. He was expertly accessing, it seemed, all her secret crevices, giving her a tongue-bath that washed her in wave after skin-tingling wave. It was as if nerves she hadn't known existed were running from her nether-regions to every pore on her skin.

How did she, a middle-aged mother of two grown-up children, wind up here, bent over a kitchen counter, with a man's nose halfway up her ass? She remembered standing in front of the mirror one day, as she frequently did lately since her separation, taking stock of her person and position. It must've been, what?, three months ago now? How time flies...

She'd just come out of the shower, toweled off, and was taking inventory in the medicine cabinet mirror. She stared at her chubby but small-boned reflection. Lucy cupped one hand under each of her C-cup breasts lifting them gently. They're starting to sag , she thought pensively. She put her hands on each side of her naked buttocks and spread them. Her bottom remained as firm as ever. She nodded to herself appreciatively.

Lucy was 46: a quiet, demure, and unassuming Philippine woman with a good-natured smile that was never far from her lips. She had many girlfriends of long-standing who all swore by her. She usually wore full-length pants in public, pants that were usually coupled with a suit jacket and simple dress-up sandals. She usually wore a pant-suit out, even to make her daily rounds. Her outfit, she reasoned, was probably a little too hot to wear all-year round in the Oahu climate. But Efrin, her recently estranged husband, would hear none of it: she was supposed to dress like the wife, as she was, of a respected Philippine resident living on the island.

Leonora was coming to pick her up soon. Leonora, her best friend, was a 37 yr old, long-time divorcee. She was one of those women that had grown up too fast. Back in the Philippines, as a teenager, she was constantly breaking her curfew. She had many male "friends" with which she spent a considerable amount of time with, especially at night. Though her parents didn't know this, she drank far more than was good for her. Leonora could hold her liquor, however, and never did anything she would live to regret with those boys. She just wanted to live her life to the fullest from a very young age.

Her parents, fearing for her safety and possible lack of good judgment, had married her off quickly to a distant relative's son. This was only 20 years ago but back then, Philippine parents had every right and social obligation to arrange their child's marriage. For Leonora, who never intended to be tied down, marriage was a disaster and short-lived. The relative's son cheated on her but she could have over-looked that. He was just not the man for her. In order to avoid the expected move back into her parents house as a divorcee, and to escape their control completely, she came to Hawaii.

Many of Lucy's girlfriends from back in the Philippines, including Leonora, had told her how their husbands or husbands of women they knew had cheated . Her husband had never cheated on her as far as she knew. He was a good provider and a great father. Their kids thought the world of him. She and him had just grown apart.

Her husband had never let Lucy wear anything shorter than a full-length skirt outside of the house. He claimed only the sexually promiscuous women showed off their legs outside of their homes. According to him, these were the only women who wore trampy lingerie and underwear. She knew her husband didn't allow her to wear a short skirt, partly, because of how conservative he was. However, she also instinctively knew without him saying so that he did not want other men to see that which (in his mind) was his alone to enjoy.

She would wear a skirt this evening. Not too tight, but not knee length either. Something loose, that came up to her mid-thigh. Round it off with her dress-up sandals. She was ready to step out, but she wasn't about to throw all caution to the wind. The sexy underwear would have to wait for another occasion. The sound of an impatient horn came through the window. She hurried outside to join her friend.

She felt the warm evening breeze of late Spring as it came off Walmea Bay. The wind ran up her short skirt, gently caressing her upper thigh and cooling the moistness that had begun to form between her legs. She'd felt the wind upon her legs before as she worked in the backyard and in the house garden wearing her shorts. However, this time, the feeling of the wind served as a reminder of her semi-bare legs in public (sort of) for the first time. The thought of other men lusting after her legs gave her a rush.

She and Leonora chatted aimlessly during the drive into town. They were attending one of the numerous open-air seminars that took place this time of the year. She wasn't sure what the topic of this particular seminar was; something to do with economic independence. She only knew that Leonora had invited her out for the evening and she had jumped at the chance to get out of the house and away from her own thoughts.

They arrived at the seminar grounds just before the main speaker was to take center stage and they were ushered to their seats. Lucy crossed and un-crossed her legs. Again, something she had done before with clothed legs in public and had done with bare legs in private. But somehow doing it in her skirt out in the open gave her a special thrill.

She was sitting on a seat at the end of the row, a seat that abutted the aisle. Chatting with Leonora, she was surreptitiously taking in the crowd from the corner of her eye. She had a gut feeling that a certain guy sitting in one of the seats directly across the aisle, but several rows up, was eyeing her legs. He would turn to look down the aisle as if he was expecting someone to join him. As he turned to face forward again, he was taking in an eyeful of her short skirt and upper thighs, Lucy was quite sure of that. The man was about 25 years old, looked smart in his suit, boyishly handsome, very adorable. Let him look, she thought; maybe I should have worn better panties, she chuckled to herself. Suddenly feeling very wanton and brave, she uncrossed then crossed her legs again to give the young man a private show.

After the seminar, Lucy got the distinct feeling her friend were looking for someone in particular. It was nothing Leonora said outright, she just appeared to be distracted. Suddenly, Leonora was waving fiercely to someone across the way. "Come on," she said to Lucy, "there's someone I'd like you to meet." Taking Lucy by the hand, Leonora jostled her way through the dispersing crowd and across the expanse of lawn. She pulled up in front of a handsome stranger.

Leonora and Steve had met in the hospital. He'd injured his back on base while training (or so he told the charge nurse upon admission. Actually, he'd fallen out of his top bunk during a tryst with a female cadet). According to Steve, he didn't think it was a big deal at the time the injury was sustained. But, after feeling constant back pain for three days, he finally decided to check himself into the local hospital's emergency room on his own time. He was seen by Leonora, who was on duty that day.

He and Leonora had gotten to talking about this and that, and had hit it off almost immediately. They were both free spirits who liked to grab life by the you-know-what. She was already seeing someone, but she had thought to herself, "He?d be perfect for someone I know."

"What a surprise!" Leonora exclaimed, trying to sound delightfully shocked. To Lucy, who'd known her for more than ten years, it rang hollow. Lucy had a feeling that Leonora was up to something. But what?

"Imagine running into you, here." Then, turning to Lucy, "This is Steve, an acquaintance of mine from the hospital. Steve, Lucy. She's one of my best friends."

Lucy offered her hand ("Acquaintance?" she thought) , tentatively. He took it assuredly, in a polite and not-too-firm handshake.

"How do you do?" he smiled.

"Very well, and you?" she answered. His smile was quite engaging, she had to admit. She returned his gesture.

Steve was 37 and rather tall at 6'5", a fact which most of the women he dated found to be irresistible. Though he had been in the army all his adult life, he was not massively built. In his clothing, which he usually wore one or two sizes too large, he looked like your average 6'5" Joe. It was only when he took off his shirt that you could see just how in shape he was, and see his toned abdominal muscles. His rock hard abs, along with his give-away hair cut, were the only clues to his military lifestyle. He was not a huge talker, although he could turn on the charm when the need arose. He had a laid-back attitude and easy-going smile, both of which women found fascinating also.

Momentary awkward pause. Then, Leonora, to Lucy: "Steve and I were talking the other day. He's a lieutenant stationed over at Schofield/Shafter base." The three of them shot the breeze for a while, rehashing the circumstances of his hospital visit, and discussing the just-concluded presentation.

"Steve, would you mind driving Lucy home? I'm on my way to work and I'd have to drive in the complete opposite direction just to drop her off. She lives just outside of Haleiwa."

He nodded, "Not a problem. I live in Waialua, it's not terribly out of my way."

So, that's it, Lucy thought. She's setting me up. "You're such a gentleman," Leonora said. She kissed Lucy on the cheek and said, "I'm sorry to pawn you off like this, I'm running very late. I'll call you later, hon, to see how it went." Leonora gave her friend a conspiratorial wink, a gesture she did not intend for Steve to notice.

Steve noticed.

The entire ride home, he tried desperately not to look at her tanned, golden brown legs in the passenger's seat next to him. He imagined what it would be like to run his hands up the back of her smooth legs, up under her skirt. To pass the palm of his hand over her smooth buttocks. With great effort, he snapped himself back to the present. He asked her about herself. She had two kids, and was recently separated; that was all she seemed willing to share at the moment. Although he didn't intend it to be such, he wound up telling her more about himself than he planned.

Steve grew up an army brat. His father was stationed in Thailand after the Vietnam war as part of the United States attempt to monitor that region of the world after the end of hostilities. Although, Steve home-schooled for the first several years of his academic life, he was eventually enrolled in public school with the rest of the Thai children. While he was a very good student when he was tutored at home, his enrollment in public school at the age of 12 marked the end of any great scholastic achievement he might have attained. This was all for one simple fact: he absolutely, positively, unquestioningly loved the opposite sex. As a younger boy, when other boys his age would not yet have been interested in girls, he would look out his bedroom window at the girls passing by on their way home from school. In his innocent way, he always thought they looked pretty. But once he was allowed to go to school with the rest of the children, he found that he really enjoyed just being around girls. He loved their attractive faces, the way they dressed , the way they talked, the way they smelled, the way they smiled at him. He just loved everything about them; he had to spend time with them.

As he grew to adulthood, his innocent pre-pubescent thoughts of admiration turned to more lustful ones. He was aware of how their once straight and comparatively boyish forms were filling out quite nicely. He was particularly fond of the female derriere. There was just something about the pert, little bottom of Asian women that he couldn't resist. He longed to look up their school skirts and smell their virgin pussies. When he was 16, he even went as far as paying a Thai prostitute for the privilege of grabbing, feeling, and licking her ass while she gave him his first blowjob. Women were his life, there was simply no time for anything else, including schoolwork.

At about the time when Steve completed high school (he?d barely scraped by and had repeated a year), his father was decommissioned from the army and his family returned to the States. His parents divorced soon after that. To please his father, whom he greatly admired, he applied to several colleges. He knew, however, his grades and academic records would make it difficult for any institution to accept him. After several of his applications were turned down, as he'd expected, he just gave up. Steve told his parents that he too was joining the army.

He continued to date but never had a steady girlfriend. Given the state of his parents' dissolved union, he was not prepared to enter any long-lasting relationship whatsoever. Besides, the world was full of beautiful women who loved him just as much as he loved them.

Though Uncle Sam never did deploy him to the orient as he would have hoped, Steve did have the semi-good fortune to be sent to Schofield Barracks on Oahu. Hawaii had a thriving Asian culture and population.

Steve didn't tell her all this. Just the part about his family-life, his upbringing, his parents. He neglected to mention his fascination with women, or his sub-standard academic history. To hear him tell it, he joined the army just to emulate his father.

Following her meticulous directions, he pulled up outside of a one-story, single-wall, wood-framed house. A flash of thigh, and she had opened the offside passenger door and climbed out; before he had a chance to get out and open it for her. She stood there at curbside and looked at him with a polite expression on her face.

"May I call you sometime?" he asked

Even though he had done more than his share of talking during the ride home, she had liked the sound of his voice. It was cultured and neat. Moreover, she could use a man's opinion and conversation every now and then. Though, she and Efrin were still on speaking terms, they didn't talk much.

She pretended to think for a while. "On one condition. Tell me how you and Leo happened to ?coincidentally' bump into each other today."

Steve chuckled softly. "Was it that obvious?"

"No, but she was."

He, holding up both hands, feigning innocence, "It was all her idea, honest. I had nothing to do with it. How could I even know she had an eligible friend?"

Lucy, in mock surprise, "You would sell her out just to get my number? Is it that important to you?"

Now it was his turn to pretend to mull things over. "Ummm.....yes, I guess I would." She gladly gave him her number.

Though she was not entirely ready to jump back into the dating scene, she had thought about him since their first meeting. She wondered about all the places he'd been. She wondered about all the women he'd slept with. He probably had women left and right chasing him. But most of all she wondered about how it would feel to have his strong hands (or any man's, for that matter) on her, or how it would feel to have him laying on top of her, kissing her face with his full lips. It was during these times of fantasizing that she would sit on her plush, bedroom carpet facing her full-length mirror. She would spread her legs wide and massage her yearning clit right through her jeans or whatever pants she happened to have on at the time. She'd throw her head back and really get into it. She would go at it until she was nice and wet. However, she always stopped short of making herself cum. Part of her didn't know exactly how to get herself to that point (she'd only had a handful of orgasms in her experience, all quite by accident), while another part of her wanted to save that special moment for the real thing.

Since that initial meeting, he'd invited her out on several occasions.

"Lucy, I really enjoyed talking and sharing with you, and would like to see you again. Would you like to attend a wedding with me? A week from Saturday? It's for one of my army buddies who's finally getting married. I guess I?m asking you to be my date." He waited hopefully.

"Oh Steve, I'm so sorry, I can't," Lucy said. "I have a rotary club meeting that afternoon." Which she didn't.

"I see," Steve replied. She sounded apologetic enough, but her response was too glib. Momentary pause, then "Well, another time maybe?" he said, forcing himself to sound upbeat.

"Sure...and thank you for the invite, really," she said, trying to let him down gently.

That was two-and-a-half months ago. For a while, Steve thought that that "other time" was never going to happen. There was always a convenient yet plausible excuse. She was going to Honolulu International Airport to pick up her mother. (That was a lie, her mother hated to fly.) She and her separated husband were having dinner with old friends and wanted to put on a good appearance (another lie). Leonora invited her to tag along to a baby shower for one of her hospital co-workers. (Semi-true: that event actually happened but it wasn't at the time of their projected rendezvous.)

Then one day, she said yes. He had called her as he always did on Friday evening to find out how her week went. It was nearing the end of the conversation. He was about to wish her a pleasant night and hang up, when he threw out an invitation to her out of habit.

"Hey Lucy, you wouldn't happen to be doing anything tomorrow evening? We could catch the air show at Dillingham Air field."

"Okay," she said.

Steve nearly fell off the chair he was sitting on. He wasn't sure he'd heard correctly. "I beg your pardon?"

"I said, yes, that would be lovely," Lucy repeated, politely enough. Inwardly, she was laughing to herself. The boy must be in shock, she thought.

"Yeah, right, good enough.....I mean, I'll pick you up at-let's see-4? How does 4 sound? Pm, I mean." He'd momentarily been thrown for a loop. Later, when he'd hung up he got the distinct feeling she had been mocking him.

The air show was a blast, literally and figuratively. Once again, he could sense the chemistry and attraction between them: the same chemistry and attraction he'd felt at their first meeting, the only other time they'd talked face to face. Steve couldn't help staring at her smooth, golden-brown, legs protruding from the end of her mid-length skirt. He imagined himself between them, with the inside of each thigh pressed closely against one side of his head. He also imagined a face-full of her muff.

Now here he was, two hours later, right where he had hoped he'd be. He inserted his tongue in and out of her vagina in an even and repetitive stroking motion. He tongue-fucked her like he'd never done to any other woman before. Her syrupy cunt juices on his tongue were like sweet nectar.

________________________________________________________________________ He tugged her panties from her gloriously supple buttocks, all the way down past her thighs, knees, and calves to her ankles. Lucy, taking the hint, stepped out of her cotton briefs. Steve stood up from his squat position, impatiently but gently grabbing for her left hand. He pulled her up from her bent-over position and pulled her close to him. He dropped his mouth hungrily on hers, letting her sample the delicacies of her own essence. While kissing her, Steve ran his hands up the back of her thighs, and let his palms rest heavily on her buttocks. For a middle-aged woman, Lucy's bottom was nice and toned. He suspected she did a lot of walking on the island.

Lucy didn't know what was coming over her. There was his mouth locked down on hers, enveloping her in a torrent of passion. She suddenly felt very bold and aggressive. She wanted to tear this man's clothes from his rock-solid body. As Lucy began to undo the buttons of his floral shirt, he back-pedaled towards the bed with her in tow, all the while remaining lip-locked. In a flash, he had removed his own pants and boxers and let them fall to the floor. Casually laying her down on the bed covers, he proceeded to hike her skirt over her head and take off her blouse. Even in her ardor she was keenly aware that her bra did not match her discarded panties.

He bent over her as she lay on her back, and begin to lick and softly suck on her exposed belly. As he moved his mouth up her body and toward her breasts, he passed the fingertips of one hand over both areolae and both nipples. He flicked his tongue in the valley between her breasts, while cupping the outside of each breast with one hand. Pressing her tits from the outside, he rubbed the inside of each one against the closest side of his face. Presently, he was suckling on her round mounds and light-chocolate-colored areolae. He had a particular fetish for the areolae of darker-complexioned Asian women.

He propped her bottom up with a pillow. He guided the head of his penis to the entrance of her vagina. He didn't enter her just yet; he rubbed the head along her pussy lips. After a minute or two of this, Lucy wanted to scream at him to put it in. As if he could sense her anticipation, he finally inserted his penis a quarter of the way into her, very slowly. Pulling out just as slowly, he then entered her halfway. He continued his pattern of entering her by quarters and then withdrawing almost completely, until he had entered her all the way. Maintaining a slow rhythm, he alternated his thrusts with almost complete withdrawal.

While keeping up his rhythmic thrusts, he cottoned onto her right leg. He licked her from the back of her calf to her heel, ending with a kiss on the back of her foot. Steve sucked on her big toe. All the while, he never broke from his languid pace.

Lucy, in a fit of passion and also out of sheer habit, turned her head from side to side. Picking up the pace slightly, he bent down to kiss her behind the ear and on her gracefully exposed neck. Her fragrance was quite heady. He kissed her on the cheek. He kissed her full on her perfectly formed lips, while running his hand through her luxurious hair.

The frenzied way she whipped her head from side to side was getting to him. She had some of the most beautiful cum faces he'd ever seen. She was either a good actress or was thoroughly enjoying herself. It was probably a little of both, he reasoned. He loved seeing her breasts, with those light-chocolate-colored areolae, bouncing up and down in unison on her chest. Even more, he longed to borough his face in her hair between her shoulder blades; to see the dip and curvature of her strong spine; to see the pool of sweat collect in the small of her back; to see and feel the top of her backside slapping against his groin. Almost every aspect of the female form drove him wild. He couldn't wait to enter her from behind.

Up until now, Lucy had only experienced sex with one man (she was a virgin when she got married). Efrin had been a little on the short side in terms of size. It was difficult for her to grasp the fact that she was making love to this man who was not her husband. This tall dark hunk of a man with his bigger than average member that seemed to be filling her petite body from the inside. Part of her was apprehensive of what he was doing to her tight, pert little vagina. Another part of her couldn't care less; on the contrary, that other part of her wanted to be fucked faster than she?d ever been fucked before, to be fucked downright better than she'd ever been fucked before. She wanted his precious cock to fill her up over and over again. She wanted to be stretched, both physically and mentally. She wanted to do crazy things with and to this man. Things she'd never dreamed of, much less done before.

Lucy was reminded of her love-making sessions with Efrin. They would do it either doggy-style or in the missionary position. When they were in the missionary position, she would have to look over either shoulder, and not look at him directly. But, sometimes she couldn't help herself: she had to see the face of the man that was making love to her. She would look into Efrin's face with the briefest of glimpses, then quickly shift her gaze to a point over either shoulder. And even if he was caught up in the rapture of the moment, or concentrating on his own selfish technique, somehow he would always catch her glance. Then he would either give her a stern look, or make her assume the doggy-style position to avoid her scrutiny. Sometime either later in the day or the next morning, he'd give her the cold shoulder. During their twenty-year marriage, he'd always been self-conscious about his "performance" in the bedroom. If only Efrin had known how indifferent she'd often been...

Finally, Lucy's curiosity got the better of her and she turned to peak at her lover behind her. Steve had a semi-focused , pleasurable expression on his face, as he tried to maintain his rhythmic thrusts. He caught her eye after a second as she peered at him. He gave her a droopy-eyed smile that she reciprocated. Then, as if reading her mind, he grabbed her shoulder-length hair and began to pull on it ever-so-gently. The pull didn't cause her any pain or discomfort. It was just enough to create a subtle tugging on her scalp, which felt very erotic. It reminded her of the many hours, as a young woman, she used to spend brushing her hair (which used to be much longer) in front of the mirror.

The rhythmic slapping of his genitals against hers, coupled with the tickling sensation of her pussy-hairs, was proving too much for him. Steve could no longer contain himself. He had to pull himself out to avoid an "accident". Are you crazy?, he asked himself, this is nirvana. Stay in, enjoy yourself, let yourself go. Reason won out, and in a split-second he had pulled out and aimed for the small of her back. He unloaded. A voice he barely recognized as his own could be heard moaning, as if in the distance. He fell face down onto the bed by her side. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her in close for a kiss.

That was one of the most explosive orgasms he'd ever had, and it left him feeling a little guilty. He was usually more attentive to his partner's needs during lovemaking. But, so caught up was he in the rapture of her sweet pussy , he'd totally forgotten about her pleasure. You idiot, he thought to himself, a woman can?t come from intercourse alone. You should have played with her clit, or fondled her breasts while you were doing her doggy-style.

Steve was already making a mental resolution that next time (please, he thought, let there be a next time), it would be all about her. He kissed her full on the lips, then looked at her with his best guilty puppy expression. To his slight amazement, she seemed to have a contented look in her eyes. A moment ago, he was about to apologize for his performance, and promise to make it up to her. Now , seeing that she was obviously pleased, he didn't know what to say.

"Well, that was....." he started.

"You don't mind if i just look at you for a moment, do you?" Lucy asked.

Steve looked at her quizzically through drooping eyelids, trying to read her thoughts. Finally, he gave up. "Not at all." he said. With that, he kissed her again, this time on her forehead, and promptly went to sleep.

And for a long time, Lucy watched him.

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